ANCN was founded by Vikki and Anthony in November 2008 as a means for genuine nudist couples to meet, plan events, socialise and promote the nudist lifestyle. We were aware many did not have the time to join and fulfill membership responsibilities at landed clubs, or some simply had no clubs close by, but still wanted to meet others to share their time with.  Membership to ANCN is not given lightly and verification of being both a couple and nudists is mandatory. Membership is open to all genuine nudist couples. New members can apply for membership by emailing direct to ancn.aus@gmail.com they will need to send a verification photo consisting of: A fully nude photo of themselves holding an A4 size sign with ANCN and their first names clearly written. Or make arrangements to meet an ANCN representative at a nude event or location.



Due to the rising costs associated with running the website we will need to call on voluntary donations to keep it online, we have considerable costs coming up, mainly to do with security and could perhaps have a group chat installed, if we can reach our target of $1000. Please this is voluntary only, we do not expect you to pay anything, we want to keep ANCN online and free for all member couples.





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